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Wild Sapphires Slots

Wild Sapphire Slot Machine Games

VIP SlotsThe Wild Sapphires slot machine is one of the exciting new releases from International Game Technology. In a lot of ways, Wild Sapphire slots are a throwback to the classic 3-reel games. But in subtle new ways, Wild Sapphires offers some new innovations in the pay schedule.

Wild Sapphires Slots Overview

Wild Sapphires SlotsWild Sapphires slots starts out with a simple premise. It is a 3-reel, 1 payline slot machine. The maximum bet is 1 coin, though the denomination is $1. This might sound a little too straightforward, but Wild Sapphire comes with one of the largest arrays of bonus games I've ever seen.

Extra Bonus Games

On the top six jackpots, players not only win money, but they get a progressive number of chances to play bonus games. For instance, when you win the top jackpot on Wild Sapphires Slots, you immediately win 25 other free chances to win on the Wild Sapphire bonus game. Success breeds success on Wild Sapphires slots.

The Wild Sapphire Bonus Game

If you hit three Wild Sapphire icons on the payline, you win $1175. You also win 25 bonus games. The Wild Sapphire bonus game pays out at $1175, so you get 25 extra chances to win more money.

The 7's Bonus Games

Three blue 7's win $1,000, but also wins 10 bonus games. The 3 Blue-7's bonus game, like the Wild Sapphire bonus, pay off at $1,175.

Three red 7's win $500, and also promise 5 bonus games. This 3 Red-7's bonus game pays off at $1,175.

Any combination of red or blue 7's pays off at $500 and 4 bonus games. The 3 7's combo bonus game pays off at a solid $1,000 per win.

The Bar Bonus Games

Wild Sapphires Slot MachinesThree 3-bar icons wins the player $500, while also initiating three $1,000 bonus game opportunities. Three 2-bar icons wins $375, as well as 2 bonus games which pay off at $750.

Wild Sapphire Payoffs

It goes on like this, so that players have 9 different payoffs and 9 different bonus games.

You might walk by a Wild Sapphires slots machine and think it's the standard 7's and Bar's type game, but when you look a little closer, this game offers a chance to heap reward upon reward.

For players who like to "get on a roll", this is a game with a lot of that kind of action. One win leads to another and another, so gamblers can feel like they have "momentum" on a game of Wild Sapphire slots.

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