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This website is a guide to online slots and slot machine games. If you like to play slots and slot games, you'll recognize this guide as the labor of love that it is. We've worked hard to make sure there is plenty to read here too. was last updated on 5/7/2013.

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UK Slots

If you're from the UK then you'll like to visit the site everyone's talking about... Mr Green Slots.

Online Slots

Nothing's better than relaxing with a cold beverage and playing some online slots. Nothing compares to hitting that big jackpot, and god knows it takes a long time between jackpots, but once you hit it, you know it's been worth it. For anyone in search of a Vegas casino online you will find that is here to guide you in the right direction. Online Casino Suite is another popular casino directory that offers reviews of top rated casino sites. also provides a convenient list of online slot machines for real money. Online Casino Suite also provides good information on other games as well such as blackjack and video poker.

We've included extensive descriptions of various online slot machines and games from the following software providers:

* Microgaming Casino Slots
* RTG Slots Casinos
* Rival Gaming Slots

If you're looking for information about which online slots you can and should download, then you'll find that section helpful too. We've also included a free fruit slot game and the free multi payline Tomb Raider slot game that you can play in your browser if you have flash installed on your computer. Another good site for online slots is World of Slots offers very realistic free slot machine games and information on where to play slots online for money. We first found the World of Slots website by doing a Google search for free online casino slots.

More Slot Machine Info

This site is not just about online slots games though. We've included quite a bit of information here of interest to slot players, including a guide to manufacturers of slots games. This guide includes links to the addresses for the major slot machine manufacturers and which machines they produce. We've also included a guide to slot machines by state for residents of the United States. This section includes information about the legalities of owning a slot machine in each state. (You did know that in many states, owning a slot machine is completely illegal, right?)

I'm also going to give a quick shout out to what I think is the other best site on the web about slot machines. If you can't find some information about slots here on this site, you can probably find it over at Slot Machine Fan.

We've recently begun working on a guide to online slots with progressive jackpots. So far we've added pages about Realtime Gaming progressive slots like the kind you'll find at And be sure to check out our page about - a no download casino where ALL of the slots are tied into one progressive jackpot.

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