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VIP SlotsMaybe you live near Las Vegas, or maybe you're just visiting. But if you found this page, it's because you're interested in getting the maximum playing value for your slot machine money. And the way to get maximum enjoyment for your cash is by playing the low stakes slot machines. We consider low cost slots to be penny and nickel slots, and we've listed some of the best deals in slot machine gambling in Las Vegas below.

Penny Slots at the Gold Spike Casino

If you like old, beat-up slot machines that take real pennies (not just slot machines that take bills and have so many lines and bets that a max bet even on a penny machine costs $1.50 a spin), then the Gold Spike casino is probably a great place to be. This is the kind of casino that our parents would call a "joint". Cocktail service can be slow, but if you throw a couple bucks to the waitress the first time she brings you a drink, she'll probably remember you and take pretty good care of you for the rest of your playing session here.

The Gold Spike casino is located in downtown Las Vegas, not on the Strip. Check it out if you're looking for a place to play penny slots. (especially if you like places with "character".) They have a total of about 350 slot machines here, but not all of them are penny or nickel slots.

Gamble Cheap at the Western Hotel & Casino

The Western Hotel and Casino was described in the Las Vegas Sun as the "gritty underbelly" of Las Vegas. It's also listed on Nick Christenson's casino deathwatch page. As of right now, the place is still open, and you can still gamble really cheap there, especially if your taste runs towards the lower stakes slot machine type action. Not only do they offer cheap slots, but you can also play $2/hand blackjack here and $1 roulette.

The people who hang out and gamble here can generously be called "characters". This is my kind of place.

Some Thoughts on Multi Line Penny Slot Games in Vegas

Since you can play multiple coins on multiple lines on all of the new "penny slots" in Vegas, they're almost not really worth calling penny slot machines anymore. Suppose you've got 15 lines and can wager 5 pennies on each line. You're betting 75 cents a spin. You might as well be playing a $1 slot machine. If you've got self control though, you an always bet 1 penny on 1 line on every single spin.

In fact, if you like to drink, this can be a great strategy for scoring cheap alcohol while you're in a Las Vegas casino. Your chances of winning anything worthwhile are pretty insignificant, but then again, you won't really have too much in the way of losses to complain about either. So yeah, there are still ways to get a lot of gambling for a little bit of money, and even the tricky new multi line penny and nickel slot machine games work for that purpose.

Posted on May 27, 2007.

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