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Tabasco Slots

Tabasco Slot Machine Games

VIP SlotsTabasco now has its own slot machine. Tabasco Slots comes in several different varieties. The default machine is a 5-reel, 20-payline slots game which features the famous hot sauce brought to us from all the way down south in Louisiana. The Tabasco Hot Sauce bottle stands out on a casino room floor, if for no other reason than it's the only food you will see.

Tabasco Video Slots

Tabasco Slots - Tabasco Slot MachinesThere are several Tabasco games you will find in casinos.

Tabasco Video Slots is the original game. It is a simple 5-reel, 12-payline machine. The betting options are variable on this game, while the maximum jackpot is 200,000 coins. The Tabasco slots jackpot is a big reason for the popularity and longevity of tabasco slots. You will recognize Tabasco slots due to the picture of arguably the dumbest looking chef I have ever seen.

Chez Tabasco Slot Machines

Chez Tabasco Slots is the latest in the Tabasco slot machine line. It follows the standard five reel, twenty line format. The highest credit wager you can make is 1,000 credits, while the top award is 20,000 coins. Chez Tabasco slots includes lots of wins, along with multipliers and multiplied free spins.

Chez Tabasco Enhanced Platform Slots

A newer version of the Chez Tabasco machine uses the Enhanced Video Platform, which significantly increases the entertainment value on this game. The most entertaining part of the game is the jackpot, which tops out at 400,000 coins. This is double the original Tabasco jackpot.

Once again, the format is 5-reel, 20-paylines, though this time around, the maximum wager is 400 coins.

Tabasco Instant Bingo

Tabasco Video Slots and Chez Tabasco Slots come in instant bingo varieties, too. Both play just like their standard counterparts, but are placed in states where slot machines are outlawed. Due to idiosyncratic local laws, "bingo machines" which play just like slot machines are perfectly legal.

Tabasco Hot Sauce Trivia

Did you know that Tabasco sauce is aged three years in white oak barrels?

That's true. The tabasco peppers need time to blend with the other ingredients, which mainly includes vinegar.

Tabasco Hot Sauce is produced by The McIlhenny Company out of Louisiana, with five generations of the family involved in the production and marketing of Tabasco Hot Sauce. The pepper itself comes from the Tabasco region of Mexico.

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