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VIP SlotsRed Hot Jackpots Multi-Level Progressives is a 5-reel classic slot machine with a progressive jackpot. Actually, Red Hot slots offers varying sizes of progressive jackpots for players. It's part of IGT's line of "multi-level progressives" which have gotten so popular in recent years.

Red Hot Jackpots Game Specs

Red Hot Jackpots is part of the Mega Jackpots Rapid Riches system. It is a 5-reel, 20-payline game with four different themes. Red Hot can be lined in a multi-level progressive network of up to 63 machines.

Red Hot Jackpots Progressives is a single-denomination penny slots game.

Red Hot Jackpots Bonus Game

When 3 "red hot jackpots" icons hit, a bonus game is activated. The player is given 8 free spins. The player will try to accumulate points with these free spins. If you reach the next points plateau, you get the next level prize.

Extra free spins can be accumulated in the bonus game, with an upward limit of 160 free spins.

If you happen to hit 4 "red hot jackpots" symbols, you are assured "second-level win" without needing to accumulate points. When hitting 5 such symbols to activate the bonus game, players are guaranteed a third-level win.

One Extra Bonus on Red Hot Jackpots

When one particular combination comes up on a paying payline, a player can instantly win the top jackpot level. Therefore, the multi-level progressive aspect of Red Hot Jackpots is enhanced.

Instant Bingo Mega Jackpots

The Red Hot Jackpots Multi-Level Progressives network comes with instant bingo options. In jurisdictions with stringent laws against slot machines, casinos often get around the law with instant bingo games.

With a cursory glance, these bingo machines look like their slot machine counterparts of the same name. But a closer look reveals a bingo mechanism which decides the outcome of the game. This bingo card is usually found in the uppermost part of the slot machine, often off the main screen.

Bingo tends to be legal in most jurisdictions, so slot machines which use bingo mechanisms are perfectly legal. Here are several "instant bingo" slot machines associated with the Red Hot network: Double Red Hot Stars Instant Bingo, Sizzling 7 Instant Bingo, Double Sizzling 7's Instant Bingo and Triple Ruby 7's Instant Bingo.

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