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VIP SlotsMikohn Gaming has been purchased by Progressive Gaming International Corporation. Progressive chose to sell off part of the Mikohn business, but retains the slots and other casino gaming aspects of the business.

Mikohn Signs and Graphics is a derivative of the original Mikohn Gaming. This company continues to be based in Las Vegas, as it has been since its inception since 1986. It designs, repairs and perform maintenance on neon signage in the Vegas area.

Progressive Gaming International

Progressive Gaming International Corporation, on the other hand, is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Its designation is PGIC. Progressive has offices in the United States, Australia and the Netherlands.

Mikohn Slot Machines

Mikohn had a large list of slot machines. They specialized in turning board games into slots games. One part of these games which stood out were the bonus features.

The bonus games, unlike those on most machines, have a skill aspect to them. You can affect your odds through a particular skill or knowledge. For instance, on the Trivial Pursuit slot machine, you might be asked a trivia question. A correct answer adds to your bonus.

Other games in the old Mikohn repertoire are Yahtzee, Clue and Battleship. Clue and Battleship both require deduction, or at least using the process of elimination, to win. The Ripley's Believe It Or Not slot machine borrows images from the television show hosted by Jack Palance.

Mikohn offered non-franchise games, such as the popular MoneyTime.

Progressive Gaming Slot Machines

Progressive's catalog of slots games continues to grow all the time. The company focuses on a variety of game shows, comic strip franchises and musical acts. The musical acts are about as varied as possible.

Progressive's Music Franchises

The bad boys of 70s rock, KISS, have their own slot machine. It is called KISS Rock and Roll All Nite. This is a slots box you will not miss on a casino floor.

Changing gears, Progressive also places The Beach Boys California Girls slots in casinos. This machines features songs and clips from the Beach Boys's 40 year career.

Progressive also appeals to a Latino crowd. They have machines featuring great Latin music acts like Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. Mrs. Cruz's machines is called La Reina De La Salsa, and features concert clips of the famed singer. Mr. Puente's machine is called Rey Del Mambo, and features the greatest hits of The Mambo King.

Garfield Slot Machines

The famed comic strip, Garfield, has a pair of slot machines. The original one was Garfield's It's All About Me! It featured images and sounds evocative of the Garfield comic strip.

A sequel to this slot machine came out sometime later. It was named Odie's Revenge.

Wink's Survey of America

Over the last ten years, there has been a craze for slot machines about old television game shows. The latest to be featured is Wink's Survey of America. This show was hosted by Wink Martindale, and tested Americans' quiz knowledge.

Traditional Slot Machines

Not all of Progressive Gaming's slots are franchises. Some are standard slots games, based around typical slots themes. Examples of these are Office Days, Crazy Vegas and Bust Da Safe.

Egypt is a popular theme for slots, and Progressive has its Egyptian offering with King Tut's Fortune. Graveyard Bash taps into the spooky slots genre, while Jukebox Jam offers slots accompanies by American pop music.

Coming soon is a game called the Mini-BERTHA Multigame slot machine. This game is in development, and is expected to stand over 7 feet tall when all is said and done. It will offer several slots games in one.

World Series of Poker P2P Edition

One non-slots game produced by Progressive Gaming you might want to know about is WSOP P2P Edition. This game allows players to play Texas Holdem against one another from separate networked gaming terminals. These terminals can be the typical cabinet format or a kiosk, or even in a private wireless device. Played in real time, P2P gaming is a look into the future of machine gaming.

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