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VIP SlotsAtronic Games sells slot machines to casino operators in 90 different countries. It is a subsidiary of the famous Gueselmann Group, the biggest casino gaming merchandiser in Europe.

Atronic was founded in 1993 in Luebbecke, Germany. Since that time, the company's staff has ballooned to 800 people. The firm has offices throughout Europe and in Russia, as well as the United States, Central America, Australia and South America.

In the United States, Atronic sells its product in 24 different states. It also sells machines to nearly 150 Native American tribal casinos. The American operation is in close partnership with Cantor Gaming. The two founded co-founded Mobile Gaming.

Atronic Slots

Atronic Slot MachinesAtronic offers a large listing of slot machine options. These slots tend to have an international flair, likely because Atronic sells to so many different countries. But the company caters to American tastes and contains many references to its expansive pop culture.

Slot Machine Licenses

Since The Wheel of Fortune slot machine hit casino floors in 1996, licensed slot machine have played a huge role in the making of new slots. Every slots company seems to have their own group of licenses machine. Atronic Games is no different.

Atronic launched a Phantom of the Opera slot machine years ago. This proved successful enough that there is now a Phantom of the Opera II game.

With the making of last summer's Miami Vice movie, it was only a matter of time before a slot machine would feature the classic eighties television show. Now, while you take your shot at the jackpot, you can be entertained by clips of Crockett and Tubbs.

Deal or No Deal is based on the popular game show of the same name. The bonus game borrows much from the show's "deal or no deal" game mechanic.

But Atronic prefers to create their own designs. Two of my favorites that are on the drawing board are Grand Master and Big Boys Toys.

Grand Master

This slot machine is based around the game of chess. The images on this game are top notch, while the bonus game is unique in my knowledge of slots.

When a King or a Queen chess piece comes up on a payline, this means possible bonus money. The pieces come in two categories: black and white. If your royal pieces are the different color than the other pieces on the payline, then your king or queen "captures" those pieces. Each captured figure represents more bonus money.

Big Boys Toys

Big Boys Toys plays to man's favorite toy: his car. The machine is full of pictures of hot rods. But the coolest thing about this game is the bonus.

You are shown 24 different makes and models. You choose several of these, which have specific bonus values attached to them. So your preference for hot rods will be the difference in a big or small jackpot.

As you can see, Atronic offers quite varied slot machine options, giving unique game options to a wide array of people, from lovers of chess to lovers of fast cars.

Asian Themed Slots

Tiger and Dragon, Madame Sakura, Kublai Khan and Bamboo Forest are several games which use Asian imagery. Bamboo Forest features a giant panda, along with other animal totems from China.

Kublai Khan features the Mongol leader who once ruled China and mounted a couple of failed invasions of Japan. Strangely, the bonus feature on this game is simply titled "girl". I'm not sure what the machine is implying.

Other Regions Which Are Featured

Asia is not the only region highlighted. Since Atronic sells games around the world, it's a good idea to have machines for each of these specific regions. Therefore, there is a whole series of local games.

Europe is represented by games such as Visit Paris and Treaures of Venice. Mayan Magic draws on the history of old Mexico. Mistress of Egypt is another in a long line of games about the civilization of the Nile. And if you want a homage to American excess, you can play Johnny Vegas.

Sword and Sorcery Slots

If you want flights of fancy, Atronic offers multiple fantasy themed options. Elven Gold, Magic Woods and Green Goddess take you into wilderness wonderlands to find your fortune. Three Witches and Fountain of Youth play with two different visions of magic.

Moonlight Mansion is part of the spooky slot machine genre. You spend a night in the Moonlight Mansion, where you run into several monsters and other creatures of the night.

Fool's Fortune is set in a medieval world. The "fool" is a royal jester. When the jester symbol turns up, you win bonus money.

Within the next year, you will be able to play Crimson Fire. This machine has images of battles between fearless knights and fearsome dragons.

All of these games make use of cutting edge bonus features. For example, the chest symbol on Crimson Fire initiates 10 bonus spins. The "moon" symbol is a bonus multiplier.

Funny Animals Slots

Not everything is heavy or violent in Atronic Slots. The company also offers funny animal slots. Lovers of cats or dogs have their options. Tabby Cash is full of feline themes, while Super Wiener Dog is Tabby Cash's canine counterpart.

Money Themed Slots

I have noticed over the years that lots of slot machines mention wealth, money or valuables. That's pretty logical, since people plays slots to win cash. It's natural, when you walk into a casino, to gravitate towards a game with money symbols on it.

Money Island and Money Magnet are two such games by Atronic Games. "Magnet" portrays diamonds as the best way for men to attract women. "Island" imagines a fantasy island where money can be won with the touch of a button.

Atronic is Bilingual

Atronic Gaming offers slot machines in several different languages. I have seen English, Spanish, Russian, French and Portugeuse versions, but Atronic likely will offer other language options as it pushes into more regions.

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