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AC Coin and SlotsA C Coin & Slot has been around since 1978, when company founder Mac Seelig started running the business out of his home in Atlantic City. Over the years, AC Coin has grown into a company with 300 employees nationwide. Mac's three sons help run operations for the company to this day. Their home offices today are found in Pleasantville, New Jersey.

Rise to Prominence

It was in 1983 that AC Coin and Slot's big break came. Mr. Seelig acquired an exclusive United States distribution deal with International Game Technology. In the years when IGT began to dominate the slot machine market, AC Coin was a close partner. The two continue to partner to this day, combining to market several famous 5-reel slots and adding AC's famed Slotto game mechanics to IGT products.

In the 1990's, AC began to expand their business. Its leaders focused on the American west coast, placing offices in Las Vegas and California. Now, A C Coin & Slot has offices in Florida, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, Iowa, along with the already mentioned branches in California, Nevada and New Jersey. There is also an office in Puerto Rico, which handles AC's widespread Caribbean interests.

AC Coin continues to distribute IGT machines in Atlantic City and the Caribbean. They offer more than just slot machines. They make signage for casinos, including displays, murals, animatronics and supergraphics. AC focuses on ergonomic seating for slot machines, and other forms of slots bases. The company also produces all manner of other casino supplies.

Early Slot Games

VIP SlotsThe earliest proprietary machine marketed by AC Coin & Slot was Bonus Road Rally. This first came out in the early 1990s. Others followed in short order.

The X Series was the next set of games. A popular early machine in this series was Empire, which featured a King Kong style scene, with an ape climbing the Empire State Building in the bonus game.

This was followed by the famed Slotto machines. These combined a lotto game concept into a slot machine platform. With the meteoric rise in the popularity of the lotteries in the nineties, AC Coin produced this machine at just the right time. Slotto remains their signature game.

5 Reel Slots Games

AC is best known for its many 5 reel games. It was a big player in the early 5 reels, and continues to be a leader in this slots category.
There are several 5 reels which AC combines with IGT to design, produce and market. Included in these are the King of the Grill machine, along with Little Green Men Jr. and Bewitched. Little Green Men taps into the public interest in aliens and U.F.O.s, while Bewitched is part of the classic television show licenses which seem to dominate casino floors these days.

Licensed Slot Machines

The Honeymooners slot machine has scenes and sounds of the classic fifties television show. Players can see Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton in their wackiest moments while trying to hit the big 5-reel jackpot.
I Spy, starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby, ran from 1965 to 1968. The television show, about a couple of spies pretending to be a tennis pro and his coach, was considered hip and trailblazing when it first aired. Fans looking for some nostalgia now can play the I Spy slot machine from A C Coins and Slots.

The Miss America contest was a mainstay of Atlantic City for many years, just like AC Coin. Though it's now moved out west to Las Vegas, the show tries to maintain a certain wholesome image. The machine plays the famous Ms. America theme song, "There She Is". It also features trivia about past contestants.

Bowzer's Rock 'n Roll Party offers a trip down Memory Lane to the 1950's. Jon "Bowzer" Bauman of the hit rock band, Sha Na Na, lends his likeness and voice talents to this entertaining five reel.

Other 5 Reels Games

AC offers several versions of Slotto 5 reels. Two of the best among these are Popcorn Slotto and Triple Stars Slotto. Though it is not as widespread yet, you might be able to find the Mega Poptastic Super Bonus Slotto, too.

Several machines offer the popular "Double Diamond" pay table. The bank series features a couple of these, including Break The Bank and Mega Bankroll. Double Diamond Girls is another option you might find in casinos.

They also offer numerous fun 5 reel slots. One of my favorites is Bingo Nights. This 9-payline offering blends a bingo concept with the usual slots format. Players can hear a takeoff of the hit song, "Boogie Nights", while they play this game.

Pirates of Bonus Island is another favorite. It has a 17th century pirate theme, along with a number of swashbuckling bonus games.
Hotdog Theme, Bonus Party and Big Game Show Bonus are three more 5 reels which AC Coin & Slot offers.

Other Classic Slot Machine Games

AC offers a whole range of slot machine options. The five reel machines are simply their focus. The company has several successful games which don't follow the normal pattern.

Merlin slots and Jack and the Beanstalk slots are two of the best among these. Silver City Roundup, Camping Buddies and Monster Match are several more in this category. In fact, there is a whole Mix and Match series which don't necessarily fit in the 5 reels category.
All in all, AC Coins and Slots offers dozens of games. Though they once were a simple yet profitable distributor for IGT, A.C. is now a diversified, successful gaming operation all on its own.

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