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I Love Lucy Slot Machines

VIP SlotsThe I Love Lucy slot machine is a progressive slot with a classic television flair. The slot machine companies keep coming out with new television-themed slots such as Donald Trump's The Apprentice, but if you want an entertaining progressive, I Love Lucy takes the competition hands down. I Love Lucy slots was created by IGT, and is part of a huge network of progressive slot machines. It is a 3 reel, 12 line slots extravaganza. And if the 12 lines make you nervous about the size of the maximum bet, there's no need to worry. I Love Lucy is a nickel slots machine.

I Love Lucy Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot on I Love Lucy starts out at a whopping $300,000. The I Love Lucy progressives usually end up in the half-a-million range, which is quite a return on a 60 cent investment. The maximum bet on this 12 line nickel slot machine is 60 cents, so that's all you need to wager to qualify for the progressive. The largest recorded payout on the Lucy slots is a $2.99 million jackpot. That's right. If you play the I Love Lucy progressive jackpot slots from IGT, you have the chance of winning a three million dollar prize.

I Love Lucy Slots - Slot Machine - ProgressiveThe Lucy game is a treat to play, even if it doesn't make you a millionaire. I Love Lucy plays a lot like Triple Lucky 7, except it adds a whole lot of bells and whistles to the package. When a player hits the bonus round, he or she is treated to some of the classic film clips from the I Love Lucy Show. A common clip is the scene where Lucy and Ethel are working at the chocolate factory, and end up trying to eat the chocolate to keep up with the conveyor belt. There is actually one point in the game where bonus coins you get corresponds to the number of chocolates Lucy and Ethel are able to package.

I Love Lucy Bonus Slots

There is another part of the I Love Lucy slots game where you are able to choose your own clips. These clips reveal a special bonus. I was happy to see my favorite clip from the I Love Lucy Show, where Lucy and Ethel take on the role of grape stompers at a wine producer. It may not put any more money in my pocket, but I enjoy being entertained while playing a slot machine. Most clips last around 30 seconds.

Some players are going to love playing the I Love Lucy progressive slots because they loved the show. But many are going to play because of the money being offered. As stated before, this slot machine is derived from either the Triple Lucky 7 or Double Diamond slot machines. These are two of the most popular slots of all time. If you have ever enjoyed one of those games, you're going to enjoy playing the I Love Lucy slot machine.

Because it's part of the IGT network of slot machines, the progressive jackpot on I Love Lucy grows at an extremely fast rate. All of the big casinos have the I Love Lucy progressive. And the network has spread from west coast to east coast, so there are players building up the progressive as you read this. Since the jackpot starts at 300 grand and it requires a 60 cent wager to qualify, I Love Lucy slots is always worth playing.

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