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Elvis Slot Machine

VIP SlotsThe Elvis slot machine is the king of all progressive slots. Elvis Presley slots are produced by IGT, which has been an industry setter in the video poker and slot machine business since the seventies. IGT's Elvis progressive slot machine is a 3 reel, 3 coin offering. Elvis is a quarter slot. You must make the maximum bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot, which isn't a bad bargain in the least. That means players get a chance at a six figure progressive for a tiny 75 cent wager.

Elvis Progressive Jackpots

The Elvis progressive jackpot starts out at $100,000, so Elvis is always one of the richest jackpots in the industry. Most of the jackpots range into the several hundred thousand range, but the prize goes much higher. The record progressive jackpot for the Elvis slot machine was over $1.75 million. Because it's part of the IGT network, the progressive increases every time someone plays an Elvis slot across the nation. All you need is for the three Elvis symbols to line up for you to win the progressive.

Elvis Slots Games

Because fans would not stand for anything less, Elvis slots are all-around first rate slots games. The slot machines use a Liquid Crystal Display CD Rom format. With such a platform at its disposal, the Elvis game is one of the most active and entertaining machines on the market. Players can answer Elvis trivia while they wait for the next spin. And whenever you win coins, a smiling Elvis face pops up to greet you with the good news.

Elvis Bonus Slots

Elvis Presley Slots and Slot MachinesEven better, if a player scores a bonus round on the Elvis slot machine, players are treated to a hit song by Elvis. Most of the King's biggest hits are available. Not only do you win money, but you'll be treated to "Heartbreak Hotel", "Jailhouse Rock", or my personal favorite, "Hound Dog". There is a video streaming as the songs play and last about a half minute. Elvis slots really is a cool game.

Of course, the real attraction of the Elvis slot machine is the money which can be won. In additions to a selection of well over a dozen Elvis Pressley hits, the bonus round offers a player a chance to win additional coins. Up to a thousand coins can be won in any one bonus round. Bonus rounds, progressive jackpots and Elvis music is a lot of bang for less than a buck.

The Elvis slot machine is a wonderful game for those who wish to pay tribute to the king. The slot machine started out in Las Vegas, where Elvis so loved to perform. All of the big name casinos in Vegas, from the Bellagio to the MGM Grand, have the game. But thanks to IGT, the Elvis slot machine is found in scores of casinos throughout the country. And as the IGT network of Elvis slots grows, the potential windfall from the Elvis progressive jackpot grows.

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