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VIP SlotsCops and Donuts Video Slots are not going to make the police happy. This game portrays American law enforcement officers as comical donut-eating ticket writers. Gamblers will like Cops and Donuts Slots, because it comes with 2 bonus games, frequent winning spins and a 50,000 top prize.

Cops and Donuts Slots Overview

Cops and Donuts Video Slots is a 5 reel and 20 payline machine. The coin denominations and maximum coin bets vary from one machine to the next. The top prize on all of them is 50,000 coins, because perps don't want to get greedy around a cop.

The Speed Trap Bonus Game

When the police car appears on the left reel and the speed limit icon appears on the right reel of the same row, you have triggered the Speed Trap Bonus Game. A stretch of highway will appear between the cop car and the speed limit sign and a video will play.

The video shows Officer Leon, the cop who caught you in his speed trap. The player gets to choose from a selection of laughable excuses. When you choose an excuse, it reveals a coin value, a multiplier or a free pick.

Cops and Donuts Video SlotsYou'll be able to make 3 or 4 excuses before the bonus game is over. Each one adds to your bonus coin value. This total is multiplied by the initial coin bet you made to make up your Speed Trap bonus coin prize.

The Donut Eating Bonus Game

When three or more "Fresh Donuts" icons appear on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels, the Donut Eating Bonus Game is triggered. This game features Officer chip, whose specialty seems to be eating donuts.

Not only do you select trays of donuts to determine the number of coins you win, but you also get to select a random number to determine the number of trays you get to select.

As you make your selections, the video will depict Officer Chip snorting donuts. While Chip is eating, the bonus coins are added up on the Cops and Donuts bonus game win meter. The total amount won during the Donut Eating bonus game is between 30 coins and 690 coins.

Cops and Donuts Graphics

When you see the Cops and Donuts Video Slots machine in a casino, you'll see a cheery pair of police officers in a squad car chasing down a burglar. In the background, you'll see Dunky's Donuts, which is apparently Officer Chip's and Officer Leon's favorite donut shack.

The graphics on this game are cartoonish, with symbols either from a life in law enforcement or a life in a pastry shop. This is a colorful game which might make you want to take a trip to the casino's breakfast shop. The Cops and Donuts Video Slots touchscreen makes it easy to navigate the game interface.

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