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5 Times Pay Slots

Five Times Pay Slot Machine Games

VIP Slots5 Times Pay Slots is a classic slots machine from International Game Technology. Five Times Pay is one of the featured games from IGT, so popular that the 5x multiplier has begun to be featured in other types of IGT slots games.

Don't let Five Times Pay Slots fool you. Because they are 3-reel, 1 payline slot machines, these games might not stand out on a casino floor. But a classic 3-reel slot machine often has better payouts than the mega-payline video slots games.

For the uninitiated, Five Times Pay Slots have a 5x multiplier symbol. Typically on a 5x Pay Slots game, these icons act as wild symbols. If you get one, it increases the prize money won by 5x. If two land on the payline, the prize money is multiplied by 25x. If all three land on the payline, you win the jackpot.

The 5 Times Symbol

5 Times Pay Viva Las Vegas SlotsThe 5 Times icon acts as both the wild symbol and the jackpot symbol. When all three 5x icons hit on the payline, you win 15,000 coins on the maximum payout.

When one 5x symbol hits, it increases your prize money by five times. When two of the 5x symbols hit, your prize money is increased by 25x. Since this is the wild icon, when you hit two Five Times symbols, you automatically win some prize. Hitting all three is, of course, the jackpot.

Double Five Times Pay Slots

This variation of 5x Pay comes with an added 2x multiplier, which the original game did not have. Multipliers include 2 times, 4 times, 5 times, 10 times and 25 times the coin amount.

Five Times Deluxe Slots

This is the exact same game as the original edition, except the reels can nudge either up or down to help you win a jackpot. If you play the maximum coin bet on Five Times Deluxe, the jackpot is 15,000 coins. You can find quarter and dollar versions of this machine.

Double Spin Five Times Slots

This is the ultimate 5 Times Pay slots game. On the third and final payline, the reels will re-spin if it helps the player. If there is risk of losing your initial money, the game does not re-spin. This "do-over" effect has made its way into a number of games, due to the high popularity of this mechanism.

The top jackpot is 15,000 coins. Like any 5 Times Pay machine, one 5x symbol acts as a 5 times multiplier, while 2 of them act as a 25x multiplier.

Other Games With 5 Times Pay

The 5 Times Pay feature has proven to be such a winner for IGT, that franchised games have been created with this insert. Two of these franchises are Viva Las Vegas Slots and Marilyn Monroe Slots.

Viva Las Vegas Slots - Five Times Pay

Yes, a slot machine based on Viva Las Vegas, the movie starring Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret. This game includes both the 5x multiplier wild symbol and a progressive jackpot. Viva Las Vegas 5x Pay Slots are part of the MegaJackpots progressive network.

Marilyn Monroe Slots - 5 Times Pay

The late, great Marilyn Monroe is featured in her own slots franchise. I would like to know who controls Marilyn's estate, that slot machines are being produced in her likeness. Whatever the case, this slot machine has something for everyone.

Not only does the Marilyn Monroe slots game include a 5x multiplier, but the top jackpot is worth $1.5 million. Like Viva Las Vegas Slots, Marilyn's slots are part of the Mega Jackpots progressive network.

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