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Crazy 7 Slots

Crazy Sevens Slot Machine from Playtech

Crazy 7 Seven Slot MachineCrazy 7 is a 3 reel Playtech slot machine. One to three coins can be played per spin and the denominations that can be played are .05, .10, .25, .50, 1, 2, and 5. The maximum payout is 400 coins. Any combination of symbols directly on the payline will return 5 coins. The complete pay table is as follows:

5 Coins for any three 7s

25 Coins for 3 blue 7s

50 Coins for 3 green 7s

100 Coins for 3 red 7s; a maximum bet showing 3 red 7s will win 400 coins

Although Crazy 7 is a simple, straightforward game for the beginner, it is rather boring and obnoxious. I recommend turning the volume off because the noise is something reminiscent of a wild clown. However, with the sound muted, Crazy 7 can be a great beginner’s slot. The payout schedule is clear, the wager buttons are simple to learn, and the maximum wager per spin is only 15 coins.

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