Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots Jackpots - Online Slot Machine Progressives

Nothing is more entertaining, exciting, or seductive than a progressive slots jackpot ticker. Progressive slot machines are almost always networked together, and a tiny percentage of each wager is added to a constantly growing jackpot which is higher than any single slots game could ever have if it weren't networked with the other games.

Some progressive slots have huge jackpots. And when we use the word "huge", we're talking about life-changing amounts of money. Major Millions is one online progressive jackpot that often reaches $1 million or more, but it's always at least a six figure amount. (Major Millions is more or less the answer to the land-based casino slot machine Mega Millions.)

Some online casinos, like, tie all of their slot machine games into one single progressive jackpot. Other online casinos have expanded their lists of progressive games to include table games like blackjack and roulette. (They add additional rules to the game to make it possible to give away a big sum of money.)

Keep in mind that the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are similar to the odds of winning the lottery: slim.

Progressive Tickers and Games

We've included listings of online progressive tickers and game reviews and details below. They're organized by casino software for ease of use. Please keep in mind that on almost all progressive games, the maximum bet must be made in order for you to be eligible to actually win the progressive jackpot. All games usually have the rules posted on them somewhere, so be sure to read the machine before playing it.

The last thing in the world you want is to "think" you've won a progressive jackpot only to realize you didn't make the max bet. That's a lot of disappointment to face.